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wellcome // bienvenu // hola // olá

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I'm very happy with your arrival! this virtual place is focused on the (so called) feminin and masculin voice's", by the Art's approach, and it is not a diary-blog. I wish you enjoy with pleasure and comments :-)
Je suis enchantée de votre visite! Remarquez que ce blog (n'est pas un blog-périodique), est construit autour des (désignés comme) voix et regards au féminin et au masculin à travers les contributions de l'Art. Il ne me reste que vous désirer deux toutes petites choses: qu'ayez plaisir ici et... qu'il soit partagé=comenté:-) avec moi.

!Hola! !estoy encantada con tu visita! mira una cosilla: este blog no es de edición diária ?vale?. Es un blog centrado en las (designadas como) voces y miradas en el femenino (y en el masculino), segundo las aportaciones de L'Arte. Mis votos de que disfrutes por acá y... de que puedas compartir conmigo ese placer :-).

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26 December 2008

Emily Dickinson "I Cannot Live With You" Poem Animation


I cannot live with You

I cannot live with You –
It would be Life –
And Life is over there –
Behind the Shelf

The Sexton keeps the Key to –
Putting up
Our Life – His Porcelain –
Like a Cup –

Discarded of the Housewife –
Quaint – or Broke –
A newer Sevres pleases –
Old Ones crack –

I could not die – with You –
For One must wait
To shut the Other's Gaze down –
You – could not –

And I – could I stand by
And see You – freeze –
Without my Right of Frost –
Death's privilege?

Nor could I rise – with You –
Because Your Face
Would put out Jesus' –
That New Grace

Glow plain – and foreign
On my homesick Eye –
Except that You than He
Shone closer by –

They'd judge Us – How –
For You – served Heaven – You know,
Or sought to –
I could not –

Because You saturated Sight –
And I had no more Eyes
For sordid excellence
As Paradise

And were You lost, I would be –
Though My Name
Rang loudest
On the Heavenly fame –

And were You – saved –
And I – condemned to be
Where You were not –
That self – were Hell to Me –

So We must meet apart –
You there – I – here –
With just the Door ajar
That Oceans are – and Prayer –
And that White Sustenance –
Despair –

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